About Me

He is a Digital Marketing guy with Good Strategy, Planning, and Execution. He helps organizations to Achieve their Marketing Goals. You can often find him to write about Growing Trends in Marketing and How to Grow Business using Digital Medium. Busy Man!! But when free, you can find him Playing Dart.

A Story of Progress...

Ok, So Finally You are Here to Know about Prince.

Short and Sweet Answer is

“He is a Digital Marketer” and Believes in Result Oriented Data Driven Marketing.

But for the Long Answer, here is the Story for you…

Way back in 2011, while pursuing Engineering, He was passionate about writing and started Blogging. In the Process He got to Know about Website Designing and SEO.

After Graduation His Hobby Becomes a Full Time Job. After Creating 30+ Business Websites in 2 Years. Moving with time, He realized most of the Businesses are Outperformed or Closed because they lag behind in Promotion and Marketing on Digital Platform. He Says:

“You Can’t Rely Only on Offline Promotion, you need to focus on Online Marketing for Various Reasons.“

He Started Deep Diving in Digital Marketing. Being a Tech Guy Changing a Path is not Easy but Yes, It’s Fantastic. While working on Various projects He got Hold on Various Industries like Travel, Software, e-Commerce, Service Industry, Many B2B and B2C Companies. He helped many Businesses and start-ups to create their online presence and generated Quality leads for them.

His EdTech Startup is also Growing and one of the Leading Platforms in their Domain.

He Mostly Focused on Result-Oriented Marketing rather than Task Oriented. Getting the Best ROI from Investment is “Key to Success”.

Teaching is his Hobby. After Working for 7 to 8 Years in the Industry recently he decided to Deliver “Free Digital Marketing Training” to Everyone. His Aim is to Make SEO and Digital Marketing Accessible to Small and New Business as well as to the students.

He is Also posting on Data Driven Digital Marketing Tips, Case Study and Latest Trend on Online Marketing. You can Subscribe to Newsletter as well as Follow him on Quora, Medium, and linkedin.

So, If You are a Brand, Business, Startups or Any Individuals, looking for expert help with Marketing and Strategy – Feel free to Connect. 💬

I have been more than 7 years in Digital Marketing Industries, and have help more than 40 companies to grow their business.

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