How Does SEO Help in TOFU, MOFU AND BOFU ?



You might be familiar with the modern sales funnel that most marketing and sales teams have invested in. These Funnels are Divided into three Stages TOFU, MOFU and BOFU, which stand for:

  • TOFU: Top Of The Funnel (awareness).
  • MOFU: Middle Of The Funnel (consideration).
  • BOFU: Bottom Of The Funnel (decision).

I had written a Separate Article on what TOFU, MOFU AND BOFU of the Modern Marketing Funnel are. I would recommend you to read this article.

Use SEO throughout the Funnel.
Lead generation is only possible with full-funnel Content Marketing. Your buyer’s search habits change throughout the buyer’s journey. It’s therefore important that you optimize your content marketing efforts in each phase of your content strategy as you deploy it.

  • Keyword research
  • Off- Page SEO Activities
  • Website architecture
  • Metrics to Track SEO ROI.

Let’s Dive in to understand all these Points…

Keyword research

Keyword Research is the Most Important Part of SEO. This is Altogether a Different Topic to Deal with in Details. We will Discuss it Later in the Coming Article.

Here, I will discuss Funnel wise Keyword Content Strategy to Target the Audience by SEO. Let’s now see how the funnel stage affects it.

TOFU Keyword Research Approach:

TOFU: Top Of The Funnel is the First Stage of the Funnels, and Here you Deal with the General queries about the brand’s pain points and the wider interest-based searches that your target audience might make.

This stage is especially helpful for “How to” questions. These queries can be combined with words such as “tips,” strategies, and “what is.”

Suppose you are Providing BI Services. You might want to look at pain points-related seed keywords such as How to Make Data-Driven Decision?, How to Get Insight from my Data? or How to Implement Analytics in my Company?.

Various tools like Ahrefs, Semrush and many other free tools provide related questions for every keyword. You can use Quora, Reddit, or other Q&A sites to see the actual question being asked online.

MOFU Keyword Research Approach:

MOFU is the Middle stage of the Funnel. The keywords that target the middle and top of the Funnel, unlike TOFU keywords, are more likely to refer directly to the solution. You should look for general queries that refer to your solution and evaluative and comparative words such as “best” or “benefits.”

Suppose you are Providing BI Services, then you might want to focus on keywords Like Best Analytics Tools, Top Five BI Tools in the Market, Benefits of Using BI Tools, Comparison Between Tools and Services, etc.

BOFU Keyword Research Approach:

BOFU is the End Stage of the Funnel. BOFU keyword research Focuses on the product-related and branded searches people use when they are in the final stages of their decision-making process.

These leads are already familiar with you, so you don’t need to think about the broad keywords that might be of interest at this stage. Instead, focus on how customers search for your brand in BoFu and create a conversion-oriented page that matches those keywords.

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You can create a Product and Brand related FAQ List, Guide, Product Demo Video etc.

Off- Page SEO Activities for TOFU, MOFU and BOFU

Like ON Page SEO (which includes Keyword research, content writing etc.) You also Need to Focus on Off-Page SEO Activities. Any Search Engines Like Google will not allow you to rank higher on the organic search result page. As a result, you will lose very much free traffic to your competitor. You need an excellent off-page optimization strategy if you want to rank first.

TOFU Link Building Activity:

SEO programs need to have high-quality backlinks. It also helps to strategize the types of backlinks that will help you reach the right audience at each stage of the Funnel.

Writing long-form blog content that is interesting and makes readers want to share it can help you attract many links. You can write howtos for industry blogs and secure interviews with the media, PR websites, Local Directory Site etc.

MOFU Link Building Activity:

As we Discussed, At MOFU Stage, we cover Comparison Between Tools and Services. Your blog and other content on your site are the best way to connect with your TOFU audience.

But, A user will rarely visit a brand’s lead generation page if they Google a term like “best,” “Comparison,” or “vs.” They seek an impartial answer from a third-party comparison Site.

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So, to Get Traffic from MOFU Audiences, you should reach out to all third-party sites on the page that make comparative searches, websites, reviews, and recommendations and build relationships and learn how to be added to their list.

BOFU Link Building Activity:

BOFU is the Bottom of the Funnel, and Here we talk about our Brand Keywords, User Guides and Case Study. Getting a reference link from a third-party site is difficult here.

Here you can work on Complementary businesses, affiliate networks, strategic partners, and advertising can offer BOFU links to their audiences by offering special promotions or featuring your expertise.

Comparing competitors can be very effective at the bottom end of the Funnel. Calculators and ROI tools are also great for generating backlinks.

Website architecture

To ensure a clear path from your home page to each stage of the Funnel, examine your site architecture. Internal links define your architecture. They also help users move through the Funnel; where does the visitor go from there?

How do you handle visitors who move from a general-interest blog to your homepage? How can you get them to your Funnel? How to move them to the next stage of the Funnel? These questions are as important as the content.

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Here are some of the examples which you can use throughout the Funnel


Send Visitor to the Resource Section.


Send Visitor to Register webinar, event, download case study or Guide.


Send for Trial, Demo, Customer Feedback etc.

Metrics to Track SEO ROI

Once you have established your architecture, use analytics to identify user paths and determine where visitors go.

For each stage of the Funnel, examine the pages that receive the most traffic to your site. Each page should have a goal to increase user interaction. These goals should be the primary conversion metrics of the page.

Next, create a compelling call-to-action (CTA), such as testimonials or content offers.

SEO Impact on Each Stage of the Funnel

Conversions become more fluid as customers are hungry for more content. These conversions now occur across multiple touchpoints, channels and devices. Don’t try to stop this phenomenon by rushing for sales too soon.

Instead, create a full-funnel strategy for digital marketing to reach your target audience positively and persuasively. Instead of thinking in terms of transactional terms, think about relationships. Your customers will trust you and view your brand as a leader in the industry. They will also begin to evaluate your suitability for their needs. This has huge business implications.

In the End

Sales and marketing teams work closer than ever before. They support each other and their customers throughout the entire sales process. A full-funnel approach for search engine optimization (SEO) is necessary. This will allow you to think in a personalized, audience-first manner that wins customers today.



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