How to Get High Quality Inbound Leads which Generate Sales?



It’s very important to have quality leads over quantity leads. So how can you determine if you’re properly qualifying your inbound or good quality leads?

Unfortunately, the lead Generation Process isn’t as straightforward. Knowing how to improve lead quality is also very important. 

Here I am going to Discuss Five Steps to help you take a closer look and understand better to qualify your inbound leads that matter with inbound marketing.

Just because a lead is inbound doesn’t mean it’s qualified. Whether or not it progresses through the funnel depends upon what kind of inbound leads you’re attracting, as well as the lead Quality process that happens once they enter the sales funnel. 

What is Quality Leads?

A lead score is determined by analyzing a user profile based on demographics and online behaviour. A lead’s Quality is determined based on the Relevance of the Profile to our company. Sometimes one Lead may be not relevant to us but to others. Sales Representative have ability to uncover Related information like: 

  • Demographics
  • Company size 
  • Company location and headquarters
  • Technology Using.
  • Main business challenges 

These are all the basic requirements which a sales rep should uncover. Based on the information discovered in conversation, a sales rep should be able determine whether or not the account will move through the sales funnel. 

Tips for Inbound Quality Leads:

Lead Quality depends on a deep understanding of your ideal customer and accurate, up-to-date data. However, there are a lot of confounding variables that can impact inbound lead Quality. 

Here are five tips for gaining a better understanding of your inbound leads and boost conversion, as well as how to better qualify them. 

1. Validate Contact Information 

First validate contact information received through form fill-outs and then enrich it with external data to learn more about a prospect. Inaccurate data is a killer, increasing Spam, Bounces and wasted time.

2. Add Relevant Screening Questions to Forms on Gated Content

Content is one of the main avenues for lead generation, with gated content offering the opportunity to learn about the individual accessing it. By adding relevant screening questions to forms, you can determine whether the prospect has real problems that your solution can solve and increase conversion rates. 

3. Feed Inbound Leads Into a Marketing Drip Campaign

Website Optin or Person who are providing contact or business information can be fed into an automated email marketing drip campaign. 

This means that they will receive emails either at regular intervals or based on actions they take, such as signing up for a free trial or downloading another piece of content. 

Drip campaigns can be useful when it comes to qualifying inbound leads because they provide the right information at the right time, preparing your leads to make an informed buying decision. 

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Suppose one of your prospects is visiting your particular service page or maybe they have downloaded content then you should send A series of drip emails that can provide them with even more resources that show the value of your solution and how your service will help them. 

4. Build a Predictive Score to Filter Quality Leads

Follow Up is time consuming as well as expensive. Lead scoring typically helps you to decide about Quality Leads, predictive lead scoring can give you a better idea of whether a lead is worth pursuing. 

Advanced predictive modeling algorithms have the potential to predict future outcomes based on a combination of historical CRM data and current behaviors. 

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Having a better understanding  of your inbound leads can help the Quality process because you’ll know what they have looked for in the past, what they’re looking for now, and how your solution can potentially help them going  forward. 

5. Check Relevant Technology: 

Companies who are using relevant software and technology from you, can inform you that they’re familiar with the kind of benefits your solution provides, as well as their familiarity with your industry. 

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 If they don’t have the level of tech your solution provides, the Quality process may take longer and the sales cycle becomes a little more challenging but not a dead end. Still you can convert them into clients.

In the End: 

Find, Convert and Then Repeat: Its ongoing Process.

You can track the usual metrics — such as average deal size, cost per acquisition, time to close, customer lifetime value, and churn rate — but in the end, this will show you that you always need to adjust your approach. Inbound lead Quality isn’t just a one-and-done process. What makes one lead qualified won’t necessarily be the same for another. 

While Finding the Quality lead is a necessary step in the inbound sales process, having high-quality leads enter the funnel in the first place can improve your success throughout the sales journey.



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